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My Puppy Care Package

Each pup will come with detailed instructions about daily care. You’ll receive a folder with all the info you need:

Most of the information is now emailed as it is a lot. I send this as soon as the puppy has been "reserved" for you so you have plenty of time to purchase everything you need before picking up your new puppy (ies)


PMR feeding Guidelines 

Feeding Times and Amounts

Health Record/Certificate

Microchip information 

Information on Toxic Foods, Plants and Chemicals

Puppy proofing and much, much, more.


Your pup will be bathed, groomed, brushed and trimmed. Nails will also be trimmed so all you will need to do is continue spoiling your new baby for the first couple weeks!


Each pup comes with their GYBR registration and Free Trupanion 30-day Puppy Health Insurance and all the details for activation and to continue coverage if you choose to.

I also microchip each puppy before they leave me. I will provide all the information on how to register your microchip when you get home and settled.


I like to arm each new pup parent, not only with information, but with items that will help you in your first few days at home! I’ll include a blanket with each pup that smells like his/her Mother and litter-mates, so his/her first nights alone will go more smoothly, a bully stick, Shampoo/Conditioner that I recommend, Nutri-Cal and any other goodies I might have on hand.


You’ll need piddle pads– I do my very best to start pups off right with house training before they go to new homes. Most are fully trained to the pads by the time they leave me. I prefer to use the washable pads and have included information in your puppy's folder on where I get mine. I don’t like the disposable pads because they are made from the same materials that are used in women’s sanitary pads and puppies tend to shred them up and eat them. This material expands in their small tummies and then it’s an Emergency that could possibly kill the puppy so I would rather be safe than sorry.


A healthy tummy is very important when making the transition to a new home! I include information on where I purchase the raw food I feed and your puppy is used to eating. I require that the puppy remains on this food (Raw) for life.


And of course, the most important thing you will get with your puppy from Amore’ Exotic Yorkies, is SUPPORT. I am here for you as a new puppy parent, even AFTER you get home! I’m available any time should have questions or concerns. You won’t get this attention from most other breeders. My commitment is always with my dogs! I love each and every one of them and want only the best for them. Do not hesitate to get a hold of me if you need anything at all. I have included a couple of my business cards in your puppy’s folder with all my contact information.

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