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Please keep in mind that this is only an estimation. It could be more or less. There is absolutely no way for me to price fairly until the puppies are between 6-7 weeks old.

I can't, in good conscience, price all my male puppies at one price and all my female puppies at one price and this is why...

Some puppies will be smaller, some might have floppy ears (doesn't happen often) a male might grow too large to use for breeding, etc. so these puppies will be priced lower. Same is true if I have a puppy that I price at birth for a show/breeding prospect, that has an incorrect topline or bite or....This is why I wait.


I spend a lot of time looking for puppies for my breeding program, I usually import my dogs so that adds to the expense of getting them to the US. I invest a lot of time, money and tears in my breeding parents. I’ve spent thousands for breeding rights on a breeding dog and had to place them for $0 or very little AFTER I pay to have them Spayed/Neutered and surgery to correct whatever genetic disorder they had because the breeder was dishonest. It happens quite a lot. The same goes with non-life threatening issues such as Cryptorchidism (One testicle that didn't drop) where it's essentially two surgeries to correct that. I also had a dog with Legg Calves Perthes (Hip Joint pops out of socket) and Luxating Patellas (Loose knee caps) Those surgeries are not cheap. I know what I put into my puppies from start to finish, the quality that I have, the time I spend socializing the puppies, the human-grade food I feed and over 24 years of breeding and researching to achieve. The aforementioned issues are just some of the conditions that are prevalent in Yorkies. It's my job to know all of them, recognize all of them, and produce healthy puppies free of issues, to live a long, happy and healthy lives.

Yorkies are not cheap dogs. You might be able to find breeders that will sell their puppies cheaper than I do but I assure you, the quality is not there. I've had a lot of people contact me and want me to lower my prices to $100-$200. You can't get a retired adult for that price from my lines and I'm not trying to sound cruel but if you can't afford the price of one of my puppies, then how do you expect to be able to provide high quality food, vet care, grooming, toys, essentials such as dishes, harnesses, etc.? I want to make sure that my puppies continue to live the quality of life that I gave them when they go to their forever homes. I do my best to screen potential puppy buyers to be as sure as I can that an Amore' Exotic Yorkie is the right fit for your family. Serious breeders who have put all their time, money, effort and tears into producing quality dogs, know what their dogs are worth and they know they are saving you tons of money down the line and a lot of heartache. 

I sleep in my puppy room with the Mother and puppies for at least the first three weeks. I have to make sure they are all eating every couple of hours, none of them get stepped on or laid on by the Mother, none of them get stuck in a blanket and all of them are peeing and pooping regularly, Their eyes don't open until about 2 weeks of age so  they sometimes can't find the Mother so I always check to be sure they all get to feed equally, etc. That's just some of the things I do and that's if they are all healthy! If one or more is struggling in any way, I sometimes tube feed or bottle feed, if Mom doesn't stimulate them to go to the bathroom, I have to be sure to do it. There's a lot that can go wrong and it's a LOT of work when done correctly.

I make sure that my puppies are well socialized, spoiled and piddle pad trained. I do separation training, and tape ears to make sure they are standing before the puppy leaves. I groom all my dogs and puppies so they will be freshly washed and clipped right before they leave to go to their new forever homes. I am no longer docking tails as I get my breeding dogs from overseas and docking tails is illegal there and hopefully will be illegal in the US soon. I also do NOT remove dewclaws unless they are on the rear feet. Yorkies need them on their front feet. These are essentially "thumbs" and Yorkies use them hold things.

These dogs are a huge investment of my time and money. It has taken me years to get the type of quality I truly want to produce. I have lost puppies and huge amounts of money in my pursuit to produce a beautiful, healthy Yorkie.  

Breeding quality is extremely expensive. I don't skimp when it comes to my babies. They get the best food and medicines when needed, have their own puppy room and are never crated. They are my babies and as such, are treated as members of my family. My adult babies sleep in my bed. They are allowed on my furniture. My babies are spoiled and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Yorkies live an average of 15 years or more. That is a very long time. Spend the extra money to get the puppy you want, that has been properly cared for and properly bred. It will save you money down the line because it will be in your life for a long time. My babies average a life span of about 20+ years if they are raised Naturally their whole lives.

My puppies are priced by 6-7 weeks taking into consideration, sex, estimated adult size, conformation, color, pet or full registration, etc. I also provide a very nice puppy package and my puppies come with a microchip (which many breeders charge anywhere from $50-$100 extra for), and you receive 30 days free Pet Insurance. I'm available anytime you need me for the life of the puppy.  

Prices are non-negotiable. In my experience, my demand is much greater than my supply. In most cases, my puppies have been sold before they are old enough to go to their new homes.


About “Teacup Yorkies”: Many people are looking for “Teacup” Yorkie puppies or "Teacup" Yorkie Breeders. Please understand – there is NO AKC classification for Teacup Yorkshire Terriers! AKC breed standard for Yorkie weight is 4-7 pounds. People searching for Teacup Yorkies for sale or Teacup Yorkie breeders, are basically looking for extra small Yorkies who will mature in the 2 to 3.5 pound range – under breed standard. These special puppies are in high demand. I do not intentionally breed for Yorkie puppies that will grow up to be under breed standard. However, in the process, I do sometimes produce “Teacup Yorkie puppies”. If you are wanting an extra small Yorkie, please consider a few things. Sometimes puppies stay extra small due to health issues. Teacups are also much more prone to over-stressing and developing hypoglycemia, Coccidia and Giardia. I do not wean them as quickly, so they are not ready to go to their new homes as soon. Also, sometimes, Teacup Yorkies can have shorter life spans. Please be wary of breeders who specifically breed for “Teacup Yorkie puppies”.





Breeding rights additional after speaking with me extensively. I want to be sure our ethics align. I do not want my babies going to Backyard breeders, pet stores or living in cages, etc.

I am always open to equal trades as well.

Pet Pricing: I have lowered my prices temporarily as the world adjusts to it's current situation. My babies are usually priced higher than the prices listed below.

Traditional colored tend to "usually" be the least expensive starting around $2600 for a male estimated to be over 4lbs, females are slightly more and if they're charting under 4lb, they are more.

 The rarer the color, the more expensive the puppy and if they have any blue in one or both eyes, add $500 to the price of the puppy. If one or both eyes is blue diamond (meaning the whole eye is blue) add $1000 to the price of the puppy.

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